The Kakopetria power station began its operation at the beginning of the 20th century specifically in 1926 due to the initiative of Christos Vasiliou, a resident of the village. The source of energy of the power station was water, giving it a special place in the history of electricity in Cyprus. According to the son of the Vasiliou couple, the hydroelectric power station had the following structure: It was composed by a tower (50 meters) with an opening of around 2 meters. The tower was joined with a concrete channel. Water ran through this channel into the hole causing the runner to begin functioning. The runner then activated the machine which ultimately provided the electric power. Nowadays, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus is cooperating with the Community Council of Kakopetria and is trying to restore the hydroelectric power station of the area. They are replacing various mechanical parts of the station to make it functional with the intent of converting it into a museum.

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