Beauty of Troodos

Discover Real Cyprus

Palia Kakopetria (the old part of the village) is the most beautiful and picturesque part of the village and it is surrounded by two rivers: Karkotis and Garilis. The architecture of Palia Kakopetria will attract and amaze you with its distinct character. 

Offering a real taste of authentic Cyprus, the rustic Kakopetria village is amongst the most beautiful, nestled in the Solea Valley.

Look Deep Into Nature

There are many trails carefully designed to cover areas of rich natural vegetation and cultural interest. In many cases, there are signposts in place, to indicate the starting point of the trail, as well as flora and geology features along the route. 

Take a walk along the river with the clear water bubbling along beside you on one side and the lush green forest on the other side.

Make Friends

In Kakopetria you can feel the quiet rhythm of Cyprus – real home-style cooking, tradition, and outstanding hospitality. The beautiful old Kakopetria with coffee shops, where you can try the traditional homemade sweets of the area and you can sit round the fireplace during the winter. The main square it’s just a few minutes away from the old quarter of the village which is a listed area with cobbled streets where old houses have been carefully restored or reconstructed.

With seating options either on the narrow cobbled pathway, inside in the warmth surrounded by quirky traditional objects, or on the private wooden terrace overlooking the river, the choice is yours.

Experience The Past

The houses are all built very close to each other and almost all of them have two floors. The roofs of the houses seem to be united as a big imaginable road. Every house had a little yard where they usually kept logs which were used in the mud-oven and in the “tsiminia” which is something similar to the fireplace. Among the traditional and picturesque houses of Kakopetria lies a tortuous stone made road. Within the efforts for the embellishment of Palia Kakopetria, a sewage system was put below the stone made road. 

Palia Kakopetria is a vivid museum of folk tradition and architecture and offers to every visitor amazing landscapes and many elements of the Cypriot civilization.

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