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Ekali Hotel for Geologists

Your gateway to the Troodos Massif and world-class exposures of the Earth’s oceanic crust and mantle. At only 17 kilometers from the town of Troodos, where guided trails will let you discover the geologic wonders of land that was once 2 km below the sea. Wander through cedars and pines through a cross–section of the crust and mantle. Excellent exposures of all of the major mantle rock types - gabbros, diabase, pyroxenites and dunites and one of the few places in the world where you can put your finger on the Moho. Centrally located to all parts of the ophiolite sequence - including sheeted dykes unmatched anywhere in the world in the town of Chandria on the Madari Ridge (17 km) and beautiful exposures of pillow basalts near the town of Arediou (50 km).

Loved by geologists from universities all over the world. Groups up to 150 students welcome. Wireless Internet available in all rooms. Opportunities for packing lunch to take into the field. Conference room for up to 80 people. Breakfast and Bar service.

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